Programs & Services


Just Love & Kindness will engage with local at risk youths, Youth Drug Court participants, local schools, and local veterans groups / to identify and engage at risk youths through leadership initiatives. Through Just Love & Kindness community involvement will provide support initiatives, and access to caring individuals through involvement of receptive youths, veterans and underserved people seeking help within our community.



Educating people of all groups to become informed by creating dialogue, and action plans. We will work towards and use tools to enable the participants to work with one another efficiently and effectively. /

Meets people where they are, educating them on setting goals with benchmarks and strategies. Builds young people's individual competencies. Provides age appropriate support. Emphasize positive self identity, and inspire independent thinking about a goal oriented lifestyle, short and long term goals, benchmarks, and pathways to achieve success. Also assists veterans and the underserved within the community with the same tools, and resources to achieve success.



Just Love & Kindness will build in authentic leadership opportunities within outreach and organization. Helps young people and veterans deepen historical and cultural understanding of their experiences and community issues. / Builds skills and capacities of young people and the veteran community enabling people to be decision makers and problem solvers. Promoting community projects aimed to meet the needs of those who seek assistance.



Just Love & Kindness builds skills and capacity for action around issues the youth, veteran, and underserved community identify. / Begins to help these groups build a collective identity to become agents of change within their peer groups. Empowers these groups in advocacy and negotiation.

Communicate proactively in the community. Raising awareness of our issues to educate people about our cause; we will gather evidence of the needs and available resources and use this information to a sustainable purpose, scope and timescale of the engagement and the actions to be taken. Encourage Discussion to Forge Relationships, we will ensure necessary information is communicated between the participants, and we will work effectively with others with an interest in the engagement.

Participate and Host in Local Events, Golf Tournaments, Community Events, School Events, Veterans Events and Youth Court Systems. Offering meaningful opportunities of support to participate.



Builds a membership base of volunteers to engage, support, mentor, and uplift youth, veterans, and underserved individuals. / Involves these groups of people with core members, community members and assists them in achieving their short and long term goals. Creates and engages coalitions and alliances.

Make engagement a priority and establish an infrastructure. Engaging our community to keep people inspired by and active in our work; identifying and involving the people and organizations with an interest in the focus of the engagement. Create a support network; recruit like minded individuals that seek to be part of the solution through identifying and overcoming any barriers to involvement. Be A Partner For Your Community; Leverage The Community For Knowledge, Turn community supporters into leaders and advocates.


Advocating on our issues and purpose to change hearts and minds; Listen to the community and respond to its feedback, ascertaining the use methods of engagement that are fit for purpose. / Create Beneficial Opportunities; developing the skills, knowledge and confidence of all the participants enlightening and awakening their perspective. Foster and create an agent of change mindset.