Our Impact

 Impacting Lives Thanks To Your Generosity


September 2020
Donated to Friends For A Cause


September 18, 2020
JLK Golf Tournament

October 16, 2020

Impact: The main objective of the TAPD PRIDE Academy is to build lasting relationships between students and officers.


November 2020
Purchased and Donated 3 complete bed sets to Lancer Legacy Ranch

December 2020
Quietly put some folks on Greyhound's to get them home for Christmas


February 14, 2021
Donation of Hats and Gloves for Mission TXK (Snowmaggedon of 2021)


May 22nd, 2021
1st Car Truck & Bike Show


Impact: Purchased (8) Nasco Ready or Not Tots (incl. clothes, diaper bag, and things parents of a newborn will need) these will be donated to TASD (awaiting arrival), to be used in STEM class.


September 18, 2021
Our Upcoming Event is our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament


May 2021
Tot or Not Outfits

                               July 2021 

Speaking with at risk youth groups through the Bowie County Juvenile Probation Dept, Why Try Program.