After the loss of our son Jarrod Lee Klein, we formed Just Love and Kindness in his memory,  our entire family has been devastated at this senseless, meaningless, and preventable tragedy.   Through our loss and grief we could not allow Jarrod's death to be in vain, and as a family we are committed to making a difference in Texarkana.  We know we can't save them all, but we can sure try.

Our Current Activities:

  • Serve as a support system for the Texarkana, Arkansas, Police Department Pride Academy
  • Plan to support the Texarkana, Texas, Police Department H&P (when it becomes operational)
  • Speaks with Bowie County Juvenile Probation participants 
  • Support individual needs of youth, veterans and other community members on a case by case basis



Our Family




The aim of Just Love & Kindness is to promote the development of young people, veterans and the forgotten and underserved members in our society in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, and as responsible citizens, as members of the community. It is not only the family that is "affected" when our loved ones depart from us, whether they are lost to the streets or have gone home to Heaven. So many people sent cards, letters, flowers, calls and texts, each of them were deeply affected too. As a family we do not want anyone to endure this type of pain, heartbreak and loss. As a society we believe we can all do better.

Jarrod's grandfather (Henry Klein aka Poppie)  was a Veteran of the U.S. Army , and served in Germany during WWII,  what he taught us about respecting our service members  and their sacrifices  were,  that freedom is never free, someone paid the ultimate price for our freedoms and we must revere those who answered the call to serve.  Poppie had pet names for all the grandkids, and Jarrod was affectionately referred to as Bunkbunk.   Our nicname for him was Pookie.  We miss them both.

Pookie & Poppie


Till we reunite